1,052 Miles

Hello! My names Sierra, and my boyfriend Trevor and I decided it'd be a good idea to start a blog together.<3 He's in Louisiana and I'm in Ohio, 1,052 miles apart. So you'll be hearing both our sides, I'm crazy in love with him and nothing will change that, our one year is October 3.<3 If you need advice or have questions feel free to ask us.<3
Aaaaand my name is Trevor!:D I live in small town Louisiana, 1,052 miles away from the girl of my dreams.
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What I’ve noticed.. Harry Potter is done. They’re not making any new movies or books and to be honest Pottermore’s a dud. But what I’ve also noticed is no matter what I’m doing if I hear Hedwigs theme playing on the first note I’ll smile. I’ll travel back 12 years all the way to first grade and…

About to Trip of Love!


It’s going down in two-three weeks?

I’m going from Toledo to Elmer, Louisiana.

1,052 miles ;)

Possibly crazy in love. If anyone else has questions because I’ve had a few feel free to ask! 

And to the people who have been lovely enough to offer up helping, this means EVERYTHING to me, to know my followers support me but are willing to help. This trip is.. my main desire. <3

So let me know if you want to help or have any concerns!



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Guys, I have a plan of action. It’s seriously drastic and it’s going to piss my parents off to all Hell but it’s a plan and I need opinions, thoughts, advice, etc. OK?:)
I got into art because I ran into a graffiti artist and he showed me his ways, this is basically how I am. He refused to…

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Greatest make-up sex ever.

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I love your smile.

I love how you can make me laugh even when I am sad.

I love how even when we fight were still close.

I love how we have been bestfriend for so long.

I love how when we talk i feel like your in the same room as me.

I love how eve though your miles away were so close.

I love…

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